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ACO TECH Review: March 2022

The recent launch of ATLAS Auto marks a significant expansion of the digital ecosystem developed by ACO Tech to make personal mobility more connected than ever.

Real-time connectivity and the digital solutions that come with it are becoming increasingly essential by the day. As the first IHU (infotainment head unit) of its kind in the sub-RM60,000 automotive market, ATLAS is primed to accelerate mass adoption of connected mobility and a digital experience behind the wheel.

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ACO TECH Review: January 2022

Created for the automotive industry, ATLAS Auto is a mobile app that bridges various parts of the automotive processes. It enables people to connect, share, and discover common interests and values. The app is built to work seamlessly with any car manufacturer, retailers, and content providers. It also features a variety of unique features such as social networking, e-wallet, and shopping malls.

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The ACO Tech Local Automotive Services (ATLAS) was recently introduced in September 2021 as a way to revolutionise driving experience.

As an ecosystem, the ATLAS integrates IHU, phone application, e-payment system, and in the future wearable device to stay connected whenever, and wherever the user might be.

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