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ACO TECH Review: AUGUST 2021

The way we move our products and ourselves is in transition. Cars are getting connected and more automated. The concept of car connectivity is already happening as vehicles are becoming more intelligent. Over the years, conventional cars are emerging towards connected cars by adding and providing more in-app content and services for users’ convenience.

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ACO TECH Review: JULY 2021

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and it brings with it new ideas and developments. These are some of the elements that you need to keep an eye on as the industry changes. The evolution of manufacturing has made cars more innovative. Not only are they getting better and safer, they’re also more powerful and easier to manage.

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ACO TECH Review: June 2021

The success of developing optimal Computing Engine is now the focus of the automotive innovations which requires integration between the hardware and software of different parts/sensors from the car before processed and transmitted to the cloud and vice versa.

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