proton dx

PROTON Digital Xperience (PROTON DX) is the first is the first automotive digital experience centre of its kind in Malaysia, featuring the latest innovations in smart mobility, exciting interactive activities, and a futuristic retail experience.

Virtual Cockpit

Designed as a platform for virtual test drives and future mobility concepts, the theatre-like environment of the Virtual Cockpit delivers an immersive audiovisual experience with voice-activated interactivity. The Virtual Cockpit sets the stage for next-generation innovations in smart mobility to be demonstrated in an entertaining and engaging way.


Short for ACO Tech Local Automotive Services, ATLAS is the first automotive ecosystem of its kind in Malaysia. As the bridge between our growing mobility and lifestyle needs, ATLAS harmoniously integrates smart mobility solutions into our daily lives. The ATLAS showcase in PROTON DX provides a touchpoint to three of the key components in this ecosystem: the vehicle, mobile app, and wearable.

Aico Café

Named after the official mascot of ACO Tech, Aico Café features an exquisite curation of beverages and pastries for visitors to indulge in at PROTON DX. With the goal of promoting the local artisanal coffee industry, Aico Café is established as a hub to unite coffee enthusiasts, providing them a comfortable space to share their passion and experiences.

Activity Zone

The Activity Zone is an interactive space equipped with a motion sensing game featuring the latest PROTON models. True to the tagline on the wall: “Let’s Shape the Future of Mobility”, the space can provide an interactive experience for collaborative events, training sessions and workshops to cultivate STEM education among young Malaysians.

Lifestyle Zone

Mobility is not just about getting from one place to another – it is a way of life. This is expressed in the Lifestyle Zone, which is designed to inspire and elevate every lifestyle in the face of fast-evolving trends and technology.

Visit us at:

Proton DX
Unit G 07-10,
Quill City Mall, 1018, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Bandar Wawasan, 54200, Kuala Lumpur 

Opening hours: 10AM-10PM daily

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