The ACO Tech Local Automotive Services (ATLAS) was recently introduced in September 2021 as a way to revolutionise driving experience.

As an ecosystem, the ATLAS integrates IHU, phone application, e-payment system, and in the future wearable device to stay connected whenever, and wherever the user might be.

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ACO TECH Review: November 2021

The future of mobility often refers to CASE. This stands for Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, Shared Mobility, and Electrification. These terms refer to the various technologies that are shaping the industry’s future.

CASE technologies are focused on reducing CO2 emissions, improving transportation efficiency and safety, etc. Over $ 330B has been invested in mobility companies since 2010, and in the same year, investments in mobility startups have surpassed $45B.

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ACO TECH Review: October 2021

The rise of digital forces in the automotive industry is creatingnew ecosystems. Vehicle data, which is already beingcollected by cars, could generate a value pool of up to $250billion by 2030.
While autonomy and its levels can be generally defined, thedistinction should be made between what car ridersexperience and what connectivity is. As more data iscollected about cars, the more it can be used to improvevehicle safety and make them more intelligent. Here are a listof vehicle connectivity and car brands involved.

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