Introducing the connected car next-gen technology – ATLAS (ACO Tech Local Automotive Services), an in-vehicle infotainment operating system that integrates the concept of humanised connected lifestyle into Malaysians’ automotive experiences. Wholly led and developed by the Malaysian team, ATLAS is supported by a complimentary mobile application named ATLAS Auto with features that prioritise mobility, convenience, and control. We are currently open for any possible collaboration, for any enquiries on ATLAS, please email to . Separately, should you wish to be one of our merchants on ATLAS Auto, do email us at

Infotainment Head Unit (IHU)

Presented with a myriad of content, the ATLAS is built with an AI-powered speech solution that has the enhanced capabilities to recognise Malaysian English at varying tones and speed, as well as Intelligent Notification to alert the drivers on the occurrences of extreme weather or when a tire puncture is detected. Aside from that, the ATLAS voice assistant can be customised based on the owner’s preference too! Other features include ATLAS Map, A-Store, Calendar, ATLAS Pay, as well as widget customisation.


Make payments and transactions securely without leaving your car! ATLAS Pay is the first in-car payment system in Malaysia. It uses ATLAS's in-car technologies to enable consumers to pay for everyday needs without the need to disembark from their cars. ATLAS Pay is currently available in the ATLAS Auto mobile application for in-app purchases. IHU integration in the near future will make it one of the first in-car payment solutions in Malaysia


Created for the automotive community, the ATLAS Auto is an app that bridges all content providers, car manufacturers, retailers, and network providers. ATLAS Auto is the next-gen innovation that offers interesting and unique features such as entertainment, social networking, brand promotion, shopping malls, maintenance, e-wallet payment, smart wearable device, and many others. Combining the infotainment head unit (IHU) and the cloud platform, the app provides a full-scene vehicle experience and comprehensive services.


As ATLAS Auto Mall is expanding, we would like to invite Vehicle & Smart Accessories, IT Products, Food & Beverages, Travel, and other merchants to grow your business with us. For more info, email us at

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